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BLIND DATE. SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE. SECRET BABY - three tropes all wrapped up in a heart-shaped Valentine's box.

Going on a blind date is the last thing Lily-Rose wants. When her friend, Jules, sets her up through a dating app, Lily-Rose nearly doesn't go.

When she gets there and finds out who her date is, she nearly walks out of the door.

How the hell did she end up on a blind date with a biker? Not just any biker, but the man she hasn't stopped thinking about since their one-night stand years ago.

Mason can't believe his eyes when he sees that his sister has set him up on a blind date with the one woman he has never got over. He knows that he needs to show up to the date and make a good impression. He is not going to let her walk away from him without knowing her number this time.

Can they make it work? Can he forgive her? Can he protect her?

Denise Wells Valentine's.jpg

3 fake identities, 2 blind dates, 1 secret crush, and a baby goat named Ribbit.

I’ve been in love with Tess Michaels for as long as I can remember. Watching her go through guys faster than Ribbit goes through carrots. It’s my turn now to try and win her heart.

Because when the girl of your dreams admits she’s looking for love online, what’s a guy to do except create a bunch of fake profiles designed to catch her attention. Right?

At least that’s what I did.

I didn’t expect it to work. Definitely not this well.

Now Tess is into three of me - and I’ve got to figure out which one will make her mine for good.

Grab this fake identity, friends to lovers romantic comedy now!

Hallie Bennett's Valentine's.jpg

A small town's legend of love...

Willow is a curvy girl who dreams of being swept off her feet—to feel the heart sparks the small town of Suitor's Crossing is known for—especially after working with lovestruck brides at her friend's boutique for years. There's only one problem... No one seems to want a short woman with curves to spare.

A dating app's promise of forever...

Rhys is a mountain man who loves working with his hands as Suitor's Crossing's blacksmith—a hometown he's proud of despite its fascination with a ridiculous romantic myth. But there's one thing he's missing... A woman to call his own.

When an online match is made, a blind date is all that stands between this short curvy girl and mountain man's path to happiness. But will their differing views on love ruin a chance at happily ever after?

A quick steamy read that's part of Hallie Bennett's new Suitor's Crossing series, a spin-off from the Lumberjacks of High Ridge, and the Valentine's Date series from AB Shared Worlds!

Tropes Included:Curvy Heroine; Mountain Man Hero; Size Difference (she's small/he's big); Small Town Romance

Emma Mountford Valentine's.jpg

Love of the Curve… The dating app for people who love curves.


I didn't have any great expectations for my Valentine's night Blind Date.

I sure didn't expect to be eating in the dark, or for the man sitting unseen across the table from me to be so damn charming.

The kind of man women dream of.

Until I saw his face for the first time.

Because the last person I EXPECTED to be sat opposite was HIM.

Amy Briggs Valentine's.jpg
MJ Herald Valentines.jpg

Chance Cole is attending a Valentine’s Day wedding. There’s just one teeny, tiny glitch.
Her plus one dumped her.

Desperate, she creates a profile on a dating site. If her match can walk and talk, she’s going to offer him cash to pretend to be her boyfriend for one night. Then, she’ll move on and never see him again.

Boone West is content with his life. Happy to sample what women have to offer, without any of those pesky little things called commitments.

His mother has other ideas. She creates a profile for him on E-Destiny. Not only does she get him a match; she makes a date for him on Valentine’s Day. Boone looks at the girl’s picture. There’s no denying she’s a beauty. But a blind date? Not on his life. He tells his mother to delete his profile. When she does, not only is his profile gone, but so is the ability to contact his date.

Frustrated, Boone goes to the restaurant to tell Chance face-to-face there will be no date. However, when he arrives, not only does Chance give him a kiss that he’ll never forget; she makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
She will be his for one night.

But will one night with Chance be enough?

Darby Blake Valentine's.jpg

Maisie Hoffman’s living an ordinary life until her meet cute happens at the grocery store.


Before she can muster the courage to introduce herself and find happiness in the cereal aisle, a blunder turns into embarrassment and her one true love disappears.

Rhys Wainwright III has always felt he’s unlucky in love until he comes across the Missed Encounters section of his local newspaper and reads about a woman looking for the man of her dreams who she lost in the grocery store. Could it be?

Is Rhys the man Maisie conked heads with?

Is Maisie the frazzled cutie he winked at?

There’s only one way for either of them to find out.

Ten years ago, I made a mistake. Now, I've just made another. I opened the dating app my BFF installed on my phone.


I didn't need a man. I knew what happened when you gave into your own desires. You ended up with a kid.


Ten years ago, I'd given in to my own taboo, primal urges and done the unthinkable with Cory, my stepbrother.


That night could have ended in murder. I don't know because I ran away from home when my real brother caught us.

Now, I'm on a dating app I don't want to be on, talking to a faceless guy that seems eerily familiar. But he can't be who seems to be. That guy is well out of my life, just like my family. But is he?


I'm about to find out on Valentine's Day.

Summer Vegas Valentine's.jpg

Agreeing to a one-night stand with no names or numbers shared sounds like a good idea, right?

Well, for Sin it didn't work out that way. He wishes he had swapped information with the sexy man he had spent the night with on Valentine's night. He had gone on a blind date that his friend set him up for. It was magical and for sure the best night of his life.

A few days later he's shocked when the other guy walks into his nightclub and pretends like he doesn't know him while a beautiful woman hangs off him. Sin is furious when he ignores him. But he is in for a shock.

Looks like Sin will be seeing more of his mystery man as he's just announced to all the staff at the night club that he is their new boss.

Can they get along? Who is the woman?

Soraya Bancroft Valentine's.jpg
CNMarie Valentines copy.jpg

Finding the One was just a dating app, right?

It was meant to be one blind date.

To stop me from acting out and doing something stupid when I was on a business trip.

I never expected for fate to intervene and to set me up with the guy I’d lusted over for years.

He was my best friend; my business partner.

Could I finally admit my true feelings or risk losing everything I'd ever worked for in the process?

Tamrin Banks Valentine's.jpg

Trinity Maxwell:
I'm done with this town. I can't stay in Ridge City anymore. Moving away seems like my only option. My ex humiliated me and I can't hold my head up amongst my neighbors and friends.
My sister is one of the few people that I still I speak to and she convinces me to try a dating app but my bruised heart knows it's a waste of time.
Until I get a charming response from a man called Lonely Cowboy. Now I feel hope building up in my soul again.
Is Lonely Cowboy my one and only or am I doomed to heartbreak again?

Carter Drummond:
I've been widowed for five years, raising my daughter on my own with a little help from my aunt. Now she's about to marry and move with her new husband to another state. And under pressure from her, I join a dating app.
One of the first women I see is known as Heartbroke. The name makes me nervous but once I meet her in person I can't stop staring into her beautiful eyes. There's something there that calls to me.
I'm soon bewitched by the sweet woman. After that first date where we meet I'm struck. I've never felt this kind of instant need for someone. She's just so beautiful and genuine. So mine.
Now I need to convince her I'm worth a shot at happiness. That staying in Ridge City is the right decision for a future of everlasting love...together.

GLENDA HORSFALL Valentine's.jpg

After returning to his hometown, Gabe hopes to find love. Not just any love, but real love. Gabe doesn't even want to entertain the short-term flings he has been involved in over the past few years. Instead, he wants something real, and that's precisely why he returned home: to finally settle down with the right girl, someone who isn't like the others he dated.
Rebecca, struggling with finding someone that matches her desires, begins to wonder if the world of BDSM might satisfy her every curiosity. Every one of her past boyfriends failed to satisfy her and refused to be rough with her. So, unbeknownst to her dearest friends, she signs up for a dating app, where she meets Gabe. Surprisingly, for the second time.
When Gabe and Rebecca discover that they know each other, Rebecca is unsure if she even wants to begin dating him. Gabe was a bully in school, but he always admired Rebecca's beauty. As it turns out, Gabe has changed, and Rebecca is drawn into who he is now—and his lifestyle. For Gabe, Rebecca is absolutely everything that he's been looking for. Has he finally found his match and his sub in the bedroom?
With a taste of the world of BDSM, Rebecca finds herself conflicted. She's found what satisfies her but hasn't made it known to her closest friends. Will Rebecca overcome her doubts and embrace her love for BDSM enough to allow Gabe to stake his claim, or will she end her newfound world of pleasure before she falls for him entirely?

LM Carr Valentine's.jpg

When Savannah Foster joins the hottest new dating app, she's not interested in hooking up; she's there to spy on her daughter and learn more about the mystery man she's dating.


Behind the screen, Savannah finds the courage to let her guard down when she's matched with a man seemingly perfect for her- not her daughter.


House calls, coincidences, and canines come together in this fun and romantic Valentine's tale.

valentine's Stella.jpg

Falling in love was never meant to be the plan…

Kelly loved Grant the moment she saw him, but he was never the one for her.

He was married to her mother, happily so.

Or so she thought.

A funeral hookup changes the trajectory of her life.

Pregnant, alone, and heartbroken, Kelly’s set up on a blind date.

She’s hoping for a quiet evening and some company.

Until she steps into the restaurant and sees who her date is.


Her mothers husband and the father of her unborn child…

Bella Lane Valentine's.jpg

Jaded hearts….Dating Site…..Can love be obtained?

Ryan Finnegan is a soldier who was betrayed by those he loved the most. Three years later, his mom intervenes, signing him up on a dating site. Against his better judgment, he goes along with it.

Elouise (Ellie) Matthews is a publicist to bestselling authors. She has tried the dating scene with no luck, so she’s buried herself in her work. Her mom tells her about a new dating site, sending her the link. Ellie signs up, knowing it’s the only way to appease her mother.

When Ryan and Ellie are matched, Ryan sets boundaries of being pen pals and Ellie agrees. Things seemed to be going well, until Ryan asks Ellie to meet him on Valentine's Day in person.

Can these two allow their hearts to find love or will Ryan’s career be the catalyst that breaks hearts?

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