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By Summer Vegas
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When Reggie has to go back to his hometown to look after his sick mom, he knows that he is going to bump into the Brooklyn twins.

At Club Desire he sees them and try to ignore him, but then a chance encounter brings them together.

Can they make a relationship work between the three of them? Can Reggie handle the twins? What happens when someone threatens to destroy their throuple?

Can the three of them overcome the feeling of betrayal? Can they be together?

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Amethyst Hollow, where the forbidden happens...

Jenna met Gabe when she was 15 years old and he was 17. She was in love from that moment on, but the boy that made her heart thump in her chest soon became her stepbrother. That's when Jenna found out just how cruel the world can be, how it could take something pure and innocent and turn it into something forbidden.

Gabe left home after high school, became a famous country music star, and Jenna's secret crush continued. It became stronger with each song he released, but she'd have never admitted that to anyone. Luckily, Gabe hasn't been back home in 10 years so her little crush? It's not harming anybody.

Until the day he comes home to take care of his sick father. That's when a very grown up Jenna starts to see more in her stepbrother's eyes than he should ever let her see. He'd gone away a boy, but he came back a man, with a man's ideas on what he wants. And he soon makes it clear that what he wants is her. But can a relationship that's taboo ever last? And will Jenna learn that the only thing you'll ever get out of a famous music star is a broken heart and maybe a song about heartache?

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Rachel Radner Zodiac Ebook (1).jpg

When a charismatic Hollywood starlet and a reclusive songwriter with a haunted past cross paths, their electric connection sparks a turbulent love affair, challenging them to confront their deepest fears, sacrifice everything they've known, and rewrite the rules of fame and romance.

In the dazzling world of Hollywood where dreams are made and broken, Ruby Jennings, a regal Leo actress with an indomitable spirit, and Damian Keller, a shy and enigmatic musician, forge an unlikely friendship when their creative aspirations intersect. Ruby, known for her fiery performances that leave audiences spellbound, is captivated by Damian's soul-stirring guitar melodies. What starts as a shared admiration for each other's talents blossoms into a deep connection that neither of them could have anticipated.

But love is never easy. Rejection becomes a bitter companion as they face skepticism and dismissive attitudes from industry insiders who fail to grasp the power of their unique blend of acting and music. But just when they are on the verge of giving up, a serendipitous encounter with a renowned producer gives them a glimmer of hope. This chance meeting sets in motion a series of events that catapults their artistic collaboration into the spotlight.

As their star begins to rise, the price of fame exacts its toll. The pressures of the industry threaten to tear apart their blossoming relationship. Ruby, caught in a whirlwind of red carpets and premieres, struggles to balance her love for Damian with the demands of her growing career. Meanwhile, Damian battles his own demons, haunted by self-doubt and insecurities, fearing that he may never truly measure up to Ruby's shining star.

In the midst of emotional turmoil, they find solace in shared artistic expression, using their creative talents to bridge the widening gap between them. Through impassioned performances and soul-baring melodies, they reignite the flame of their romance, reminding themselves of the deep connection that brought them together in the first place.

Their production company stands as a trailblazer in the entertainment industry, an embodiment of their unwavering dedication and creative vision. But as they celebrate their triumphs, new challenges arise. Will they be able to sustain their success while navigating the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood? Can their love endure the tests of time, fame, and personal growth?

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When two Scorpios fall for each other, their love can move mountains or destroy them. Their love is elemental and tempestuous.
Marius Goddard has worked hard to get where he is. Going from a small town boy to a decorated Marine and now a top-tier security operative working for the biggest stars and, when it calls for it, people at the top of the food chain of business and politics. The brighter stars seem to shine, the darker the danger surrounding them becomes.
When he's called to New York City, he doesn't know who he'll be guarding, he just knows that they're in danger. Someone wants them dead.
He won't let that happen.
When he walks into the room to meet his new protectee, he finds himself face to face with the only woman he's ever let into his hardened heart.
Heather Vincent is the name on her birth certificate, but she can count on one hand the people who know her real name. Since she was a teen, she's been known as Nix.
Name a famous stage anywhere in the world and she's performed there and brought down the house. Suddenly, instead of standing in the spotlight, she's hiding from it. A spotlight only gives her stalker another chance to end her life.
Her team has hired a guard to keep her alive, and when she finally sets eyes on him, she finds herself thrown back in time.
This was the man who'd taken her heart years ago and walked away from her. How can she spend hours and hours in his presence and not fall into his arms if he shows the least amount of interest?
Then again, what's wrong with having one last taste of pure passion if someone is determined to end her life?
Marcus is determined to keep Heather alive because he's never felt more alive than in her presence. After he puts a stop to her stalker, he hopes that she'll give him the second chance he needs to show her that he never should have walked away in the first place because loving Heather is as inescapable as gravity.

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A forbidden love that will make or break them…

Samantha Holland is stubborn and bullheaded, a true Taurus, through and through.
She’s a firefighter who loves her job, but her father’s legacy was a lot to live up to. So she forged her own path in South Carolina.

Going home to Largo, Maine brings her closer to the man she wants… Her father’s best friend, Connor.

Chief of the fire department, Connor Yates, felt the magnetic pull the moment he saw Sam again. As hard as he tries to fight it, he can’t. But he has to. This is his best-friend’s daughter. So he does the only thing he can… He walks away.

But the pull of the attraction is too much. Neither can forget the other.

Can Connor and Sam find a way to be together or will they allow their fears and stubbornness to keep them apart?

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Becoming the office manager for the Barracudas MC was not part of Amy Robinson’s five-year plan. But when jobs are tight and your bank account hovers in the three-digit range, you do what you have to do to survive. It wasn’t perfect, but it was working. That is, until she witnessed a murder.
Now, her plan is just to stay alive.
Landing in Graceport, Maine, she changes her name and starts a new life. And to her surprise, it is a happy life.
Until the Barracudas find her.

After his career as an MMA fighter ended, Colt Garrett returned to his hometown and opened a bar. Life is good. Business is good. Dates are plentiful. Yet, he just can’t seem to find “the one.”
Until one night, Ellie, the pretty girl who works behind the counter at his favorite coffee shop, orders an Angel Shot.
The need to protect her and the need to have her is all he can think about. Will he be able to have her? Or will his “one” get away?

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